-0042 m

mais etait-elle aussi jeune que j’ai pense? Apres tout, a la fin j’ai change mon point de vue.

-0289 m    51.5628139    -0.1458746

A metal crown is not what you should want. what you should want is a crown made of everyone falling in love with you instantly, because then you can have everything else as well.

-0002 m    51.5628678    -0.1460813

The curtains are green and soft. The floor is brown with stripes and has monochrome and colour parts including a stylised image of a tiger. Some of it is quite three-dimensional.

-0255 m    43.3350938    -79.8230829

I like this place! It is very calm and aesthetically pleasing. also comfortable. I am worried about skin and phone but this place makes me feel better. People here are nice too.

0000 m

Opposite the bauxite gallery. what properties does bauxite have? is it good for you? here it is wood and curves stopped by straight line. the light comes in a lot more than in inside.

0000 m

off the map. staring at that pot plant. there are also sailing ships.

-0199 m

I like to wear clothes that I have made and make other things.

0021 m

I miss my lakey lake….

-0004 m

i mean, maybe fish are people too! just kind of different people.

-0004 m

those aquarium fish were taken and put in prison until their life was quite weary, like Lord Bateman’s on the song. or they have got away and are living freely away from snapping turtles. which is true? so hard to lnow what someone else is thinking.

0000 m

If I learn enough then maybe I will know enough! I’m psyched.

0000 m    51.5302291    -0.177619

As a firm Thatcherite, the communistic post made on this website on the 24th of August, claiming “the rich exploit the poor for cheap labour” makes me upset.

0000 m    51.5353245    -0.1751327

There is no justice in the world unless you make it, there is massive and unfair inequality in the world, with the rich exploiting the poor for cheap labour. This reality makes me angry

0198 m    45.1422977    -79.0908722

I can hear crickets in the dark outside the fire circle – I jump and skitter thinking it’s time to wake up! Strange reaction to a peaceful sound I put as my alarm because I liked it…

0070 m    44.1585325    -79.8437525

Wet wet wet down the road up the road, up or down? must not poke friend with umbrella. (others don’t matter as much). slimy slick feet slide and almost escape, pitter patter. seek shelter in the basements for scary goodies and upstairs for wagging jeans…

0001 m 43.6254663 -79.5137338

I am feeling good about the android app. However there is a typo in the posting ty message: “Thank you for post”