0002 m    43.3774929    -79.8339559

wondering what the future of the best thing to do with a new way of the most important part of the day after I had a lot of fun with this might be [auto-suggest word slam] 🙂

0334 ft

here is something I feel like writing: it is like I am here and not here. There are holes of understanding. they do not only stay on the floor. they can be anywhere. perhaps there is a hole in front of you, above your head or creeping up beside you. they are like eels and they do not go away.

0367 ft   50.790211   -2.674401

trying to multitask – phone, teeth brushing, thinking about conspiracies and how obvious they really are and the ones those guys didn’t mention, and remembering the woods with visions in them.

-0008 m   51.550180   -0.140705

this is a runny face. this is an infected face. this is a face with holes. it’s sticky. it’s lumpy. it’s a bit slimy. it’s losing control. it’s got bits. oh well.

0008 m   51.562677   -0.145742

feeling oddly nostalgic these days. is this good? is this my true emotional response or is it dangerous? do i need to yank off my rose tinted spectacles fast?