-0001 m

listening to music by colour… yellow (submarine) blue (joni mitchell)…

0020 m

Children tumble by. A small girl, blonde, almost three. An older boy stops. Hurry, he shouts, we will be late. And again, hurry.

0000 m

Esta bien, no es tambien
no tiene sentido decir S Tom Bein’
Pescado, pecado
Pocossissimo, no estoy casado

0000 m

Pero, Pedro, perro
Perro, Pedro, Pero
Perro, Pedro, Pero
Pero, Pedro, perro,
Pero, Pero, Pero,
Pietro, Pedro, perrrrrro… (listening to Fantasia in C minor by Mozart. beautiful)

0000 m   8.778243   -82.635211

listening to It’s Gonna Be a Beautiful Night by Prince. is that Sheila E or Sheena Easton rapping? no importa. a me gusta. ti tä okwäbiti…

0000 m   8.778332   -82.635200

I wonder if carrot cake biscotti would be good… I know it would be good, but who wants little bits of carrot floating around in their coffee. I don’t… but I don’t little bits of biscotti floating about in my coffee either. It’s a thinker.

0003 m   51.563200

the sun draws ephemeral movements, small and jerky, on the wall behind which a neighbour sweeps

0001 m

yesterday i passed a shop selling fresh turmeric

0000 m   0.000000   0.000000

The love that I know exists without conditions.
It evolves through understanding and compassion.
It holds no judgement or external desire.
Love is peaceful, honest, and worthy.

0000 m   0.000000   0.000000

Greed. Pride. Lust.
Once that evil shit starts to seep in, it’s easy to let it take over.
Positivity only.
I only want people in my life who appreciate me and see me for who I am.

0151 m   -27.468058   153.020407

Having it happen in secret makes me feel like a failure. Lots of things have been happening in secret.
What am I, if not a part of that other life. I only get half of you, not all of you. I will forever be left out unless I change myself and I am not changing because I would be a walking lie. It’s not who I am. It’s not who I was when we met and it’s not me now.

Now I look to the future of building a good honest life with calculated risks, not risky behaviour that could jeopardise the future of the life I want to live.

I sit at home and cry. I am so lonely.

Inside here

This the testing comment for my mobile app.

0164 ft   51.562800   -0.145873

A park cafe about hiding and revealing. I know how it is supported up there, how it relates to the corridor above it, how you get down in it, that there is a window and where it faces, how it could

-0009 ft   51.505900   -0.117860

right now im craving to eay wvery songle dessert on the menu but my stomach is exploding but i dont care cause i have a second stomach for dessert. im really cold right now i want to hibernate

0001 m   51.438240   5.479463

the locals are neither unfriendly nor overtly nice. im neither happy nor sad. it is wndy, sunny and cold. All is flattened, I take a lot if satisfaction being surrounded by the mid morning myrmur in a strange tongue. it is my natural state

0000 m   51.356793   0.647151

nervously procrastinating about rehearsing today’s conference intervention whilst on a train. The train’s motion and rhythms echo some smell observations – an interesting analogy

0000 m    41.8816278    -71.3855454

I am an American Listed Artist, Seeking my spiritual stasis. I have hung on to alot of annamosity but have started letting go of it. I am also a pridigy Autistic Savant who is hardly understood by the average individual. I was messed up on HEROIN FIR A FEW YEARS AS I COULD NOT DEAL WITH THE MUBDANE AND IGNORANCE THAT HAS DEVELOPED UNIVERSALLY.