Wandering, loitering, daydreaming, images beckon us into their vacated centre. We project our own reading, our own intentions and desires through the images we collect and we read the landscape according to our circumstances. My practice plays with the postcard and our desire to capture the lost past, lost desire. Loosened from authorial control and placed within the politics of the reproduction, the photographer disappearing, the postcard becomes an anticipatory space, expendable, and revealing something about the viewer.

My critical-documentarist art practice presents a spatiality not primarily conducive to narrative. Nevertheless, I document the landscape in terms of real events in real places. The videos, photographs, drawings, video installations and other media in my practice suggest encounters with the real and material in the world. I acknowledge political structuring within the contexts of landscape and image space. Experimental (structural) film and diary filmmaking are my primary fields of reference and offer linkages to the open-ended ways of thinking to which my practice refers.


Currently I move between London and Toronto; my work is held at Emma Hill Fine Art, The Eagle Gallery, London, England. I studied painting at OCA(DU) and then in Florence, Italy. Later, I moved to London and studied printmaking and painting at The Slade School of Fine Art. Now as a PhD candidate at RCA, I (re)consider the landscape, the nature of site and conversations associated with media, in the context of art practice. I use video, video installation and other media within my art practice and research. My papers, on the subjects of the monument in art practice and the blog as a frame, can be found in Links to my published writing can be found in News and in my CV. I am a founding editor on a team continuing to develop an online academic research journal supporting artistic and design research. This online experimental platform itinerant space disseminates research practice. PhD students gain experience in editorial roles and publishing. itinerant space is supported by the School of Communication at RCA and was launched in 2021.

instagram: @kmbosy