the sky is taught by falling (2023) detail of video installation, 35 mm photography, graphite drawing on tape. Image of this video installed at the Copeland Gallery is shown below. More at instagram@kmbosy

News | K M Bosy

Spring and summer 2024:

Peckham 24, Book launch in May Launch for murmurings, murmurings, She Speaks Up book publication. Image contribution.

image from @sharonyoung_studio showing times and dates.

Launch for academic research journal itinerant space Issue 2: Dispersal in June This online experimental platform disseminates research practice from all stages of the PhD journey. itinerant space is supported by the School of Communication at Royal College of Art.

The co-editors of itinerant space launched an Open Call for Issue 2, during the RCA PhD Research Biennale 2023 at The Copeland Gallery. The call was open to PhD students in all the school at RCA.

the sky is taught by falling series, Copeland Gallery, Hopscotch, 2023

itinerant space, book publication as an iteration of Issue 2, launch July.

Guest Curator for Society for Animation Studies on Animationstudies2.0

During February and March I guest curated and co-editing a call for the Society for Animation Studies. My writing on my video practice, drawing on my video home is where the heart is, is included in the collection. The introduction below is from the School of Communication at Royal College of Art, April newsletter.

Nicky Hamlyn, PGR Tutor in the School, features in a new collection of writings for animationstudies 2.0, the blog of the Society of Animation Studies. Guest curated by RCA PhD candidate Karen Bosy, contributors also include RCA alumna Sharon Young and current RCA students Despina Papadopoulos and Karen Bosy. The Society for Animation Studies promotes academic writing in the field. The theme for this call, Implying the Surface in Animation, presents the spatial environment as grounded, without representing it as ‘the ground’ in films, animations, or other works using animation strategies or technologies. The contributions were published weekly throughout February and March: Table of Contents HERE

Karen Bosy@kmbosy home is where the heart is, digital video still, 2023.

Many thanks to Animationstudies2.0 co-editors Carmen Hannibal and Anastasiia Gushchina for inviting me to guest curate a call and for the skilful support and copy editing.

Silent Disco Workshop on Parliament Hill. Introduction to Performance with Boston University students. The students’ held a silent disco in February, on Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath. Thank you to all for your innovative moves!


Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria, screened the sky is taught by falling series, video installation September 2023. The image at top shows testing my installation at Park Studios Open.

EVA London 2023, the sky is taught by falling, digital video (2023) was screened in a pop-up exhibition of works by artist researchers during this conference in July. 

Hopscotch, RCA PhD Research Biennale 2023, screened my video installation the sky is taught by falling in Spring. 2023, in Karen’s room.

itinerant space academic research journal at the RCA PhD Biennale. A show reel and peer review workshop launched the open call for Issue 2.


Book Launch in May 2024 at Peckham 24 for murmurings, murmurings, She Speaks Up book publication. Image contribution.

itinerant spaceissue editor, launch for itinerant space, Issue 2: Dispersal, June 2024.

itinerant space, book publication launch July 2024.

Implying the Surface, Guest-curator, Animation Studies 2.0, Society for Animation Studies, 2024.

She Speaks Up book publication. Image contribution (2023).

What do you think about when you think about skies? co-authored article, written and image contributions, itinerant space, 2023.

Karen Bosy and Sharon Young, 2023

PROVA, Journal 5, book launched in 2022.

vault, itinerant space, Issue 1: Pilot, launch of this new academic research journal, 2021.

Media languages: video practices, co-authored paper, EVA London 2020.

PROVA, Sick Love, Journal 5, RCA Arts and Humanities research journal online, vault, written and image contribution, p. 188-189, RCA, 2020.

Karen Bosy, vault, Prova publication, 2022.

Daydreaming space and the digital monument, paper published in Estudos em Design, 2019.

Signs of expression, co-authored paper presented at CIDI, Brazil, published in InfoDesign Journal, 2019.

Multiple means of expression made available by digital media, co-authored paper, EVA London 2019.

we all look at the same skyFilm 7, Intentions: Conversations, Experiences and Knowledge, RCA, cover image, image and written contribution. 

Inside here by kmbosy, online artwork launched at Of Improvisation, Apiary Studios, London, 2015.

Selected Exhibitions

Ars Electronica Art Festival, Linz, Austria, screened my video installation the sky is taught by falling series installation, in September 2023.

EVA London 2023, the sky is taught by falling video series was screened in a pop-up exhibition of works by artist researchers during this conference in July. 

Hopscotch, RCA PhD Research Biennale 2023, screened my video installation the sky is taught by falling (2023) video installation, image above, at The Copeland Gallery in June.

Studio open event at Park Studios, 2023 testing a double screen installation in the series of the sky is taught by falling, and 35mm photographs from this series.

Without Boundaries screened my video series private (2022) and included my graphite works on mylar of studio tools, White City, RCA, 2022. 

Itinerant space screens my vault series video online, published 2020. Link to this video here

vault series, digital video still, 2019.

Another Landenclosed line installation, 35 mm photography, sand, vitrine, Kingston Museum, London, 2019.

I Scared My Computer, screened water drawing a video installation during Know Your Home, a cross campus programme of exhibitions and events, RCA, 2019. 

Intentions:  Conversations, Experiences and Knowledge, screened my vault series video and a collaborative sound installation Script. Catalogue ISBN 978-1-910642-30-6.  

31ºC, ASC Gallery, exhibited Shelter, a collaborative video installation. This collaboration developed Exchange Project and Script for Intentions in 2017. 

‘are we recording now?’ an intervention using sound for the Design Museum’s opening weekend, London, 2016.  

Of Improvisation, a pop-up exhibition at Apiary Studios, London, 2015, launched Inside here by kmbosy (Android and iOS). 

Inside here (2015 to 2022) This artwork up-cycled smartphone technology as art media. My PhD research progresses from while not including this artwork.


PhD candidate, School of Arts and Humanities, Royal College of Art.

Thesis title Inside here: Dispersal as a strategy in critical-documentarist landscape-based art practice. Thesis submission Sept 2024.

HDip Painting and printmaking, Slade School of Fine Art (1988)

Graduate studies, Painting, OCA Studio, Florence, Italy (1984)   

AOCA Diploma, Ontario College of Art, Fine Art, Painting, Toronto, (1983)     

Editing, Peer Review, and Committees

RCA PhD Research Biennale 2023, organising committee member for the physical space; this Biennale also has an online component.

itinerant space, co-editor Issue 1, The Pilot Issue & Issue 2: Dispersal, Royal College of Art, 2021 to present.

Co-founding editor of academic research journal itinerant space, Royal College of Art, 2020.

Peer Review member of the team for Estudos em Design, the peer review team for this academic research journal published in Brazil, 2020 to present.

Peer Review Program Committee member for EVA London Conference, 2020 to 2023.

Conference Chair, CONGIC, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 2019.

Conferences / Presentations / Webinars / Workshops

Book launch for itinerant space, book publication, RCA, in July 1st, 2024. In my role as an issue editor, I am also helping to organise a launch for itinerant space, Issue 2: Dispersal, RCA, online in June 2024. Discussions include a symposium or showcase of works for the book publication launch in July 2024.

Research Presentation to Entanglement Research Lab, School of Arts and Humanities, RCA, March 2024.

Zine workshop, prototype book iteration for itinerant space, co-lead by issue editors, SoC, Royal college of Art during the Doctoral Training Programme, Feb 2024.

RCA’s School of Communication newsletter, itinerant space zine workshop, 2024.

Silent Disco, Introduction to Performance workshop with Boston University students. February 2024 on Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath.

itinerant space, workshop on peer review, Issue 2, Open Call, RCA Research Biennale, Copeland Gallery, 2023. 

EVA London 2023

itinerant space, Doctoral Training Programme, RCA, July 2021.

Soft-launch for itinerant space Issue 1: Pilot, during RCA Research Biennale 2021.

itinerant space, event, Research Open Studio, researchers from across RCA were invited to join this collaborative project, RCA, 2020.

Media languages: video practices, webinar, Encontro em Design Contemporaneo, LabDesign Contemporaneo, Universidade Estadual Paulista Campus Bauru, Brazil, 2020

Delayitinerant space workshop, Methods of Intent research group, RCA, 2020.

EVA London 2020 

CIDI & Conference Chair for CONGIC, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 2019.

EVA London 2019 

Trajectories II exhibition & events, workshop What is public space?  Waterman’s Art Centre, 2019.

Intentions:  Conversations, Experiences and Knowledge, offered opportunities for testing practice-based research. RCA, White City, 2017.

What is public space? a zine workshop event at RCA, Research Summer School, 2017. Image below is of my zine workshop for Research Student Student Training at RCA in 2018 and 2019.

The Object and the Curatorial



2022 | K M Bosy

Thank you for participating in Inside here (2015 to 2022). This project is now completed. Your participation was valuable to my work. If you have already downloaded the app (iOS or Android) I hope you will keep sharing your ideas. You can use the link or the blog menu to look at the online artwork.

Inside here was launched at Apiary Studios in December 2015. Below are a few posts from the early days of this project. This site was initiated as a blog to support the online dimension of this artwork, made up of text shares from the app. You can use this link or the blog menu to look at the online artwork.

2015 to 2022 | K M Bosy

Pleased to come across this pinterest profile belonging to ‘Will Smith’ with a total of 11 pins, all of which relate to Inside here. Thank you for being interested in Inside here.

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