K M Bosy, vault (series), text, photograph, in PROVA Journal 5, 2022, Research group: Correspondence, p. 188-189.


2023 | K M Bosy

Come and see. Open Studio at Park Studios. PV 6-8pm May 19th. Open days: May 20th & 21st, 2-6pm. More information can be found on parkstudioslondon.org instagram@parkstudiosopen

Happy that She Speaks Up collective’s new book will include my series of works: treeline, photograph, tape (2023)! instagram@shespeaksup_e17.

RCA PhD Research Biennale at The Copeland Gallery, June 22nd to 25th, will screen my video installation the sky is taught by falling (2023), video, photographs, graphite drawing.  itinerant space as a collaborative work by SoC students will be included in the physical exhibition space of the biennale. I  volunteered to help out on the curational team for the physical space; this Biennale also has an online component. Looking forward to viewing research practice from all the schools in RCA.

Looking forward to EVA LONDON 2023 conference in July. My video works will be screened in a pop-up exhibition of works by researchers at RCA and other universities.

2022 – 2023 | K M Bosy

itinerant space open call 2023

Academic research journal itinerant space is developing an open call for 2023. Click the link to view Issue 1, the Pilot Issue. This journal supports artistic and design research practice. As a founding editor of this journal, I am looking forward to the new ideas this open call will bring. itinerant space was (soft) launched in 2021 and a website upgrade this year brought the journal another application and new dimension. Now, we are welcoming expressions of interest from research students, from all the Schools at RCA, who are interested in helping with peer review and editing. Contact the editors.

itinerant space was developed within the School of Communication (SoC) at the Royal College of Art, in London. The Pilot Issue carries submissions from research students within this school at RCA. The open call will be collegewide.

Without Boundaries at White City Campus, RCA, screened my new private series (2022) video and small graphite drawings of studio tools on mylar and tape, in spring 2022. It was a truly lovely experience to meet so many students and share ideas. The exhibition showed the result of drawing workshops, online and in person and these workshops seemed to really speak to everyone’s practice.

PROVA Journal 5published by RCA’s School of Arts and Humanities online in 2020 is now in book form, launched in spring 2022, (image above). My work vault (text, photograph) is included in Correspondence, p. 188-189.

2022  | K M Bosy

Inside here 2015 – 2022

Thank you for participating. Your participation was valuable to my work. If you have already downloaded the app (iOS or Android) I hope you will keep sharing your ideas. You can use the link (below) or the blog menu to look at the online artwork. This project is now completed.

Look at the Inside here online artwork

Inside here (2015 to 2022) offers an approach to documenting the landscape, using a technology and text in a diaristic proceedure.

The videos, photographs, drawings, video installations and other media in my art practice suggest encounters with the real and material in the world to acknowledge the political structuring within the contexts of landscape and image space. This way, my practice addresses conceptual ideas around the subject of politics of the image and of public and private spaces, within the context of artistic production. In order to do so, in my practice, experimental (structural) film is a primary field of reference and I draw on diaristic methods and the daydream, an open-ended way of thinking.

My paper, on the subject of the monument in art practice, Daydreaming space and the digital monument, published in Estudios em Design, 2019, can be found on ResearchGate and at https://researchonline.rca.ac.uk/44

2021 | K M Bosy

My digital video vault (2017) link here can be viewed online in research journal itinerant space, Issue 1: Pilot Issue link published in 2021














2022 | K M Bosy

Thank you for participating in Inside here (2015 to 2022). This project is now completed. Your participation was valuable to my work. If you have already downloaded the app (iOS or Android) I hope you will keep sharing your ideas. You can use the link or the blog menu to look at the online artwork.

Inside here was launched at Apiary Studios in December 2015. Below are a few posts from the early days of this project. This site was initiated as a blog to support the online dimension of this artwork, made up of text shares from the app. You can use this link or the blog menu to look at the online artwork.

2015 to 2022 | K M Bosy

Have you seen this postcard?  Please send images to ‪#‎Insidehere

Inside here: online artwork 
Click on the ‘Share to online artwork’ button in Inside here to participate (online artwork in blog menu).

Have you seen this postcard?  postcard no release date


Pleased to come across this pinterest profile belonging to ‘Will Smith’ with a total of 11 pins, all of which relate to Inside here. Thank you for being interested in Inside here.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 20.20.25

Can distributing Inside here postcards and stickers be considered growth hacking?



Have you seen this postcard?  postcard no release date

Please send images to ‪#‎Insidehere

IMG_1441            IMG_1351

My Secrets are labeled and ready for the RCA Secret London exhibition, open 8th – 15th April, 2016

IMG_0258  Secret artworks, (back view).

Have you seen this postcard?  

I was assigned ‘a skip’ and ‘cultural diversity’ in Furtherfield’s #playartdatamoney @LondonArtFair!

Furtherfeild artdatamoney

2015 | K M Bosy

Launch of Inside here at Apiary Studios!  Thank you to everyone who visited and to everyone who has engaged with Inside here.

Inside here at Apiary Studios               IMG_0927-2       

‪#‎Insidehere‬ will be in a popup exhibition at Apiary Studios, 458 Hackney Road, London E2 9EG from Dec 7th to 10th.  Opening Dec 7th 6-10pm   Come and join in!

more information at: ofimprovisation.com

Inside here will be in a popup exhibition at Apiary Studios Dec 7th to 10th.

of improvisation image

As part of the testing process, I’ve used Webmaker to make these interactive artworks, word image generator and word space image, using donated phrases on the theme of ‘taking a walk’.  The user chooses a start point and subsequent phrases to create word images.  Please feel free to re-mix!

Inside here by KMBosy  iOS version is now downloadable from the App Store and the Android version is now downloadable from Google Play.  Please email through my website for bug fixes.  I appreciate your feedback!

Share to the online artwork to contribute to this evolving artwork.

Inside here by KMBosy  iOS version is now downloadable from the App Store.  The Android version is being sent to Google Play this week.  Please email through my website for bug fixes.  I appreciate your feedback!

Read Axis article here.

Artspan interview, 2015 The social-networked element of the artwork is that it is created by participants in the artwork, the content of which will form a comment in itself.  Read full interview here:  https://artspanart.wordpress.com/2015/05/08/inside-here/


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