Inside here is based on poetic symbols related to space, altitude and daydreaming.  Download Inside here on your phones and tablets from the App Store and Google Play or follow the links

December 2017 | K M Bosy                 Catalogue available, contact kmbosy

What is public space?


RCA Secret

9 September 2017 to 15 September 2017 | Exhibition & sales 9–15 September, 9am – 6pm. Late openings 11 & 15 until 8pm. Collection day: Saturday 16 September

August 2017 | K M Bosy


    Shelter by Vicky Kim and K M Bosy at 31° Celsius, ASC Open Exhibition, London.

July 2017 | K M Bosy

               RCA SoC Research summer school workshop event.

May 2017 | K M Bosy

   What is public space?  Park Studios, London, 2017 open studio event.

November 2016 | K M Bosy

Are we recording now? reflects on ‘ad hoc’ and ‘self’ and how this relates to ‘organisation’ through rerecording participatory layers of human voices and acoustic debris.  In this sound-based intervention participants can donate a phrase to the continually rerecorded sound piece.  Thank you everyone for participating in this sound intervention and exploration of the machine voice at new #newdesignmuseum#weekendopen

#incomplete! my groups’ participatory workshop part of ReachOut RCA’s Making Connections workshop during AcrossRCA.


August 2016 | K M Bosy

Participation values both ‘the autonomy and voice of the individual’ and ‘the experience of becoming-collective, of belonging’ according to Christopher Kelty in Digital Keywords, 2016 (238).

Have you seen this postcard?  Please send images to ‪#‎Insidehere

Inside here: online artwork 
Use the ‘Share to online artwork’ button in Inside here to participate in the related online artwork (click on ‘online artwork’ in blog menu).  The contributions made by participants will create the online artwork. Please contribute by sharing!


Have you seen this postcard?  postcard no release date

June 2016 | K M Bosy

Now that we may have become a ‘killer app’ for the computers that keep us busy, as Sherry Turkle explains in Alone Together, 2011, ‘…stillness and solitude are hard to come by’ (279). We must make sure that we can still access the creative state of ‘reverie’ and ‘let things happen within the mind’ (Storr, quoted by Turkle, 273).


May 2016 | K M Bosy

Pleased to come across this pinterest profile belonging to ‘Will Smith’ with a total of 11 pins, all of which relate to Inside here. Thank you for being interested in Inside here.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 20.20.25

April 2016 | K M Bosy

Ryan Holiday in Growth Hacker Marketing suggests that in contrast to traditional marketing strategies, ‘it doesn’t matter how many people know about you or find out about you’, but it is important to initially attract a small group of interested participants, by ‘handing out fliers’ if necessary (2014, 26).  In this case, perhaps distributing Inside here postcards can be considered growth hacking?

March 2016 | K M Bosy



February 2016 | K M Bosy


Have you seen this postcard?  postcard no release date

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IMG_1441            IMG_1351

My Secrets are labeled and ready for the RCA Secret London exhibition, open 8th – 15th April, 2016

IMG_0258  Secret artworks, (back view).

January 2016 | K M Bosy

I enjoyed playing Furtherfield’s #playartdatamoney @LondonArtFair

Furtherfeild artdatamoney

December 2015 | K M Bosy

Pics of ‪#‎Insidehere‬ at Apiary Studios!  Thank you to everyone who visited and to everyone who has engaged with Inside here.  Please continue sharing to and participating in Inside here.

Inside here at Apiary Studios               IMG_0927-2       

November 2015 | K M Bosy

‪#‎Insidehere‬ will be included in a popup exhibition at Apiary Studios, 458 Hackney Road, London E2 9EG from Dec 7th to 10th.  Opening Dec 7th 6-10pm   Come and join in!

invitation Dec 7th KMBosy

more information at:

Inside here will be included in a popup exhibition at Apiary Studios Dec 7th to 10th.  Come and join in!  In my Inside here artwork, improvisatory methods are applied in considering the user’s own reality through the lens of poetic symbolism. In this artwork, the user’s responses can be shared to a related online artwork.

of improvisation image

MozFest 2015!  Thanks Axisweb for selecting me to beta test Mozilla’s Webmaker app.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 19.32.09

October 2015 | K M Bosy

Have you seen this postcard?  Please send images to ‪#‎Insidehere‬

Inside here at Frieze London     postcard #insidehere

October 2015 | K M Bosy

I am part of a group of Axis artists beta testing Mozilla’s Webmaker app, which allows users to make projects on their smartphone.

As part of the testing process, I’ve used Webmaker to make these interactive artworks, word image generator and word space image, using donated phrases on the theme of ‘taking a walk’.  The user chooses a start point and subsequent phrases to create word images.

These projects can be shared and viewed on any device without downloading the app, and re-mixed, which encourages a networked aspect to the projects.  As Webmaker is still being developed and the tools are still very basic, I made these word based artworks, perhaps reminiscent of early 1980’s text based computer art.   Please feel free to re-mix!

word image generator

word space image

September 2015 | K M Bosy

The iOS version is now downloadable from the App Store and the Android version is now downloadable from Google Play.  Please email through my website for bug fixes.  I appreciate your feedback!

Please share to the online artwork to contribute to my evolving artwork.

August 2015 | K M Bosy

The iOS version is now downloadable from the App Store.  The Android version is being sent to Google Play this week.  Please email through my website for bug fixes.  I appreciate your feedback!

Please share to the online artwork to contribute to my evolving artwork.

Axisweb article

Axisweb presents a selection of socially engaged projects that members have shared with them this month – including my app-form artwork Inside here (K M Bosy) and work by Paul Evans, Anne Thalheim, Francoise Dupre, Myra Ryan, Antoinette Burchill, Brenda Miller, Merlyn Riggs, Laurence Dube-Rushby and David Dixon.

Read Axis article here.

Artspan interview

May 2015 | K M Bosy

Adapted from interview at 

“My Inside here app-form artwork aims to provide a focus for users’ reflections.  This could be in the form of feelings, thoughts, thoughts about feelings, epiphanies etc., and I want to encourage people to anonymously share these reflections via the app to my blog, in order to create a related, open ended social-networked art piece.

“Although altitude, longitude and latitude are automatically captured when a user shares, in order to indicate an approximate position, these can be deleted by the user before sharing.  The shares are anonymous and the users are not linked to each other in any way.  The social-networked element of the artwork is that it is created by participants in the artwork.  The users who choose to participate by using the link provided in the app artwork will create the social networked artwork, the content of which will form a comment in itself.  It will be interesting to see what is shared.

Inside here has as many locations as participants.  Each user is an autonomous agent and an essential and active participant.  It requires the user to consider their own reality through the lens of poetic symbolism and in this way acts as a prompt to encourage contemplation and reflection.”

Read full interview here:


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